Why Kemulan?

When Indonesia closed its borders, at the
beginning of 2020, it should have been
for just a few weeks. 

But the lockdown went on and on and on.
Currently Bali is still closed to foreigners.

80% of our economy depends on tourism.
Thousands of families in Bali have lost
their means of livelihood.

With Kemulan, we help them.
You help them.

The pandemic has been a real financial nightmare for us in Bali.

Thousands and thousands of families without any means to support themselves, to literally have no way to put the rice on the table for your children.

From Bali, for Bali

We are expert artisans, creating jewelry that were sold in the Bali stores to tourists, but no tourist was here anymore. 

And we also were making our handmade jewels for foreign companies that, as it is custom, negotiate the minimum possible price.

So we thought there could be another option: making our handmade jewels for ourselves, for the good of Bali, and selling them directly to the world. 

To anybody who loves Bali.

So, in the tough months of the 2020 pandemic, the Kemulan Project was born.

We called it "kemulan" that is the Balinese word for the shrines you see all over the place in Bali.

Our kemulans are really the essence of Bali. Because we are always in contact with our spirits and take care of them.

And you feel it when you are in Bali.

So, when you buy a Kemulan bracelet, you get a handmade piece of jewelry made for you, following the ancient tradition of Bali with stones, thread, leather and a classic sterling silver clasp.

Our Kemulan bracelets are the true spirit of Bali 

But they are more than bracelets. They are our means to earn a living and to help the ones who can't work in Bali with our "30% back to Bali" program.

They are your way to help Bali, while wearing a little piece of Bali on your wrist, resistant and beautiful like our island.

The Kemulan bracelets are the true wrap bracelets you see in Bali worn by the people everywhere.

They are made with round stones of different minerals assembled in specific color combinations to evoke ideas, feelings and places of Bali.

Every wrap bracelet tells a story because in Bali all color and materials have a meaning and are there to mean something.

And they are meant to last, with durable leather strings that give your bracelet the ruggedness and quality that you will love.

Made to last the strongest waves in Padang Padang. Or the sweetest night holding hands.

What Kemulan means for us 

For us, as artisans in Bali, making jewels is our life.

So being able to make them for you and sell them to you directly it means getting back to what we love to do.

(And we would love to share with you how we make it.)

But even more importantly, it means being able to earn again a living for our families. Something that has been impossible for a long time during the 2020.

For the men, it means being able again to take care of their families, doing what they do best.

And for the women it is even more important. Because in Indonesia, most women work without pay or in menial jobs.

But making your bracelet for Kemulan, it means to make a good work with a good living wage. And they can take care of their children too while at work.

With your Kemulan bracelet, "30% back to Bali" will make a difference.

Your bracelet is more than a bracelet: it is the way to help people in Bali to earn their living again.

From Bali, for Bali.