What it means for us

For us, as artisans in Bali, making jewels is our life.

So being able to make them for you and sell them to you directly it means getting back to what we love to do.

And even more important, it means being able to earn again a living for our families. Something that has been impossible for a long time during the 2020.

For the men, it means being able again to take care of their families, doing what they do best.

And for the women it is even more important. Because in Indonesia, most women work without pay or in menial jobs. But making your bracelet for Kemulan, it means to make a good work with a good living wage. And they can take care of their children too while at work.

Your Kemulan bracelet is more than a bracelet: it is the way to help people in Bali to earn their living again.