How we make them

The bracelets

The Kemulan project and bracelets wouldn't exist without our artisans.

They work in our laboratory to design and make the Kemulan bracelets, by hand, using natural gemstones, crystals, denim thread to guarantee.

And we use genuine leather – like in our tradition – that lasts a lifetime, unlike the simple thread you can find in cheaper bracelets.

For the clasp, we use 925 sterling silver, not the much cheaper zinc you find very often in this type of bracelet. Silver is a Balinese tradition, it's beautiful and has other good qualities for the body and soul (so our olds say, at least!). 

For each bracelet we use a double-length thread: this will guarantee that the thread is unique, without any need to connect two pieces, weakening the bracelet. Your Kemulan bracelet is sturdy, as a Bali bracelet shall be. Whether surfing, climbing, or living your life.

To make it resistant we are managing very long threads. For a five wrap bracelet, we need a 4 meter (13 ft) long thread. This is a big challenge because long threads get tangled easily, and untangling them takes quite some time. But we know it's the best way to make a bracelet that will stay with you for a long time. 

After we have finished with the thread we sew the stone bead to the leather. This takes time and care.

In fact, it takes an experienced artisan 2 and a half hours to make your bracelet. 

But this is the way we like to do our bracelets in Bali. So they last beautiful and solid for a long, long time.

Their touch

Every one of our artisans is different: women, men, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, couples. They all have their own spin on how to make Bali bracelets, and we love this. So we wanted to embrace this personal style and flair.

We also wanted to customize each order, to make it unique. A unique piece for you, every time. 

So we gathered together and we decided that every artisan would handpick a combination of 3 gems and stones that they could use as their "signature" in their creations.

So every bracelet will be unique, handmade on order just for you, by one of our artisans, with his or her own style. No two bracelets are the same. Each one is a unique artisanal masterpiece.

Once you receive your Kemulan bracelet, the combination will tell you who made your bracelet, together with a handwritten thank you letter from your own artisan.

To discover who made your Kemulan, we present to you our Keluarga.