The Kemulan Project

The pandemia lockdown of Indonesia to foreigners has put thousands of Bali families without any source of income.

Over 80% of Bali's economy is dependent on tourism. With zero tourists, 80% of families (and probably more) remained without any revenue.

We could give a job to a few dozen artisans who make the Kemulan bracelets, but it's just a drop in the sea of unemployment and financial needs of families in Bali.

For this reason, because we live here, we wanted to do more.

30% of every sale goes back to Bali

So we decided to give a sizable part of our net profits, 30% back to Bali.

They will be used to pay for expenses for families who haven't any source of income and literally are struggling to put a meal on the table.

This means every 3 bracelets you buy, all the money from the sale goes back to Balinese families, our people, us.

In this way when you buy a Kemulan bracelet, you know that you are really doing something big and concrete to help Bali.

This program started during the pandemia because there is an enormous need of financial help now in Bali. But we will keep it forever as part of the Kemulan Project.

Because this project was born in Bali, for Bali.

And we are truly grateful if you like it and will buy our bracelets for you, your friends and family.

And if you are here, reading these words, you share this love for Bali too.

Thank you from all the people touched by the Kemulan Project.