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  • 30% of profits to Balinese people in need

Woman bracelet

The Story

Everything in Bali has a deeply spiritual element. Subak is a system of rice terraces and water temples that dates back to the 9th century and covers 19,500 hectares. There, the irrigation system is a Manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy which brings together the realms of the spirit, the human world, and nature.

Water temple rituals promote a harmonious relationship between people and their environment. Rice is seen as the gift of god, and the subak system is part of temple culture. Rice, the water required to grow rice, and the subak have together shaped the landscape over the past thousand years. Today, the subak system is one of the 8 Unesco sites in Indonesia.

We named this bracelet "Subak" to honor our ancient Balinese tradition that always respects the deep spiritual essence of life. The green agate gemstones and orange wood beads celebrate the colors you see everywhere in the subak terraces.


Wrap Bracelet with natural beads

  • Wood Bead 6mm
  • Green Agate 4mm
  • Extra-Strong Waxed Thread (100% sustainable & cruelty-free)
  • Sterling Silver Clasp


Length 33" - 35" (84cm - 89cm) - 5-wraps

How and where we make YOUR bracelet 🙏🏻

Check, on your bracelet, the unique 3-stone combination each artisan puts as personal "signature".

And read the handwritten message the artisan will put in your bracelet pouch!

it is a way to say "I made this for you".

Thank you, from the Kemulan Project!

Thank you from Bali

From Bali, for Bali.

When you buy this Kemulan bracelet, you get a little piece of Bali on your wrist.

But, most important, you help Bali.

30% of profits from every sale go to help Bali families and children who are struggling with no income because of the pandemic.