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  • Handmade & shipped in 72 hours
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  • 30% of profits to Balinese people in need


Woman & man bracelet

Wrap Bracelet with natural beads

  • Black Lava 6mm
  • Mother of Pearl 4mm
  • Extra-Strong Waxed Thread (100% sustainable & cruelty-free)
  • Sterling Silver Clasp


Length 13" - 15" (33cm - 38cm) - two wraps

How and where we make YOUR bracelet 🙏🏻


The Story

Credit: Anya Babii

In Bali we believe that everything in the universe exists as a duality, and that this duality in turn brings balance to the universe. We call this concept Rwa bhineda, and it is our very own concept of yin and yang. We too use the metaphor of black and white, with black symbolizing evil, and white symbolizing good.

Rwa bhineda is embedded so deep into Balinese life, it is part of the our way of life and growing up: do not wallow too long in despair for there will be joy to even it out, balance will always come.

We forged the "Rwa bhineda" with lava from volcanoes and mother of pearl from the ocean. It is simple but elegant white and black bracelet, to bring you the same balance in your everyday life.

 Thank you from Bali

From Bali, for Bali.

When you buy this Kemulan bracelet, you get a little piece of Bali on your wrist.

But, most important, you help Bali.

30% of profits from every sale go to help Bali families and children who are struggling with no income because of the pandemic.