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  • 30% of profits to Balinese people in need


Woman bracelet

Wrap Bracelet with natural beads

  • Blue Sky Crystal 4mm
  • Grey Jasper 4mm
  • Brown Hematite 4mm
  • Green Jasper 4mm
  • Imperial Jasper 4mm
  • Extra-Strong Waxed Thread (100% sustainable & cruelty-free)
  • Sterling Silver Clasp


Length 33" - 35" (84cm - 89cm) - five wraps

How and where we make YOUR bracelet 🙏🏻


The Story

Canangsari is offered every day to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, known by many names, as a form of thanking for the peace given to the world. It is the simplest daily household offering. These offerings can be seen in pura, kemulan, in small house shrines, or on the ground, and can be domestic or part of larger community offerings. Inside will be leaves, spices, and especially our beautiful flowers, with a coin on top to offer to the gods.

The word Canangsari comes from the Balinese words sari, which means essence, and canang, which is a palm leaf basket used as the offering tray. What we really love is that canang comes from two syllables from the Kawi language: ca and nang, meaning beautiful purpose. What seems only a palm leaf used as a vessel has, in fact, a beautiful purpose.

With the "Canangsari" bracelet we want to reflect the offering to the gods made with flowers, as we do in Bali. So we used some of the purest, most beautiful, most colorful gems that we have: blue and green, red and gold, yellow and silver. 

Thank you from Bali

From Bali, for Bali.

When you buy this Kemulan bracelet, you get a little piece of Bali on your wrist.

But, most important, you help Bali.

30% of profits from every sale go to help Bali families and children who are struggling with no income because of the pandemic.