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Woman & man bracelet

The Story

Bali is a very active island with a long history of volcanoes. Throughout the millennia, hundreds of volcanoes and craters have been alive and shaped the island as it can be seen today.

Nowadays, only two remain active: Gunung Agung and Gunung Batur.

Batur's last eruption occurred more than two decades ago, and today it can be visited with a beautiful trek, starting from Ubud or Seminyak.

Legends say that in ancient times, when Bali was still unpopulated, the island was floating in the middle of the ocean.

Once the gods realized this, they sent four Dewa to move the peak of Mount Semeru, where all the gods lived, to the island of Bali.

The four Dewa decided to split the peak into two pieces, to use them as nails: one piece became Mount Agung, the other Mount Batur.

Ever since then, the island is no longer floating, and the gods have now two shelters.

This bracelet is called "Batur", it is made with real lava beads and solid forest wood. Its dark and powerful look will transmit the energy of the mighty volcano.


Wrap Bracelet with natural beads

  • Black lava Multisize
  • Wood Bead 4mm
  • Extra-Strong Waxed Thread (100% sustainable & cruelty-free)
  • Sterling Silver Clasp


Length 33" - 35" (84cm - 89cm) - five wraps

How we make YOUR bracelet 🙏🏻

 Thank you, from the Kemulan Project!

Thank you from Bali

From Bali, for Bali.

When you buy this Kemulan bracelet, you get a little piece of Bali on your wrist.

But, most important, you help Bali.

30% of profits from every sale go to help Bali families and children who are struggling with no income because of the pandemic.